Seeking Donated items for our Temple's booth at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic!

To donate items for our Temple's booth at Pagan Picnic booth, please message us on our Temple page. Your support is greatly appreciated as we continue to raise funds for our Temple and its 501c3 effort!

We are seeking donated and handcrafted items to sell. Ideas for booth item donations could include, but are not limited to: candles; herb pouches; dream pouches; other types of bags, charms, pouches; knitted, needlepoint, other related items; magickal or spiritual or nature related artwork; soaps; wreaths; pentagrams; quarter markers; dream catchers; besoms; rattles; Witch's Spell or Ritual kit bags or Witch's Cords/kits; chakra balancing gemstones or kits; bath salts; talismans; runes sets; altar related items and decor, etc.

For items handcrafted for a purpose, we are focused on three main purposes for the items at the booth - Prosperity (also includes success), Love and Protection - with all items ethically crafted and using the intention of "for the highest good of all, harming none" with a general magickal purpose (of prosperity, love or protection) so they are applicable to all who come to the booth.

We also are interested in used magickal, shaman or witchcraft- related books and altar or other magickal items that wish to be re-homed. Though we will cleanse them to neutralize their energy before being placed at the booth, please sever your connection with any magickal tools that you donate.

Read more further below about how to participate in and how you may support our 1st Red Tent at Pagan Picnic! 

To learn more about any of our exciting events or to see our upcoming Rituals, please "like” and “follow” us at our Temple page. Thanks so much! Love and blessings and Blessed Be!

Our 1st Red Tent & Women's Spirit Circle at the 2017 St. Louis Pagan Picnic!

This will be the first Pagan Picnic for our Temple's Women's Spirit Circle! Our next Red Tent gathering will be during this year's Pagan Picnic. Our Temple will have its annual booth there, on the Witchy West Edge of vendor row, and behind our booth, we will have our Red Tent. Our tent is quite literally red! All ladies who have reached menstruation or beyond are welcome to join our Women's Spirit Circle - just visit this LINK for details on how to join! 

We are currently collecting donations or loans of "red" items for our tent at Picnic! Items might include red pillows, plankets, throws or rugs that you could bring to decorate our red tent and to provide that place of welcome, respite, acceptance, unconditional love and healing for the women in our Temple who wish to participate. We would be sure that you receive the items back after the picnic for those that are loaned and not donated.

You may even bring them to Picnic by 11 a.m. Saturday morning and pick them back up at 4 p.m. on Sunday. We plan to place a tarp on the floor of the tent, and then whatever items we have will be placed upon it. Of course, we will have contingencies to protect the items in the case of a rain forecast. Here is a pic of the practice set up of our red tent - it has walls too!

Join the Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic - 25th Anniversary!

Spirit's Edge is gearing up for the 2017 Pagan Picnic! We be hosting our 4th Spirit’s Edge booth at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic held the first weekend in June, June 3-4, at Tower Grove Park, on the Witchy West Edge of Vendor Row. Hope you'll come see us there and Come to the Edge, where Spirit dwells! Join our booth's public Facebook event page. You may also join our Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon group page to then access our private event page on our Spirit's Edge happenings at Picnicl 

Read on below for how you may donate items to support our Temple's 501c3 effort. Funds raised in our booth, after our booth/Pagan Picnic expenses, go directly to benefit our 501c3 effort. We also will be hosting our first ever Red Tent at Picnic! Read on below for how you may join in that effort! Want to volunteer in our booth and hang with our Temple even more this year? Read on below as well!

Volunteer and be part of the Temple Team at the 2017 St. Louis Pagan Picnic!

Our booth at Pagan Picnic is a huge undertaking, and we need a lot of help! It is also super fun! When volunteers sign up, they usually end up staying beyond their shift as they are having such a great time of community! It also gives you a "home base" for Picnic.

Would you be able to help one or both days over the weekend of June 3-4? Folks are signing up already, and it has been so exciting!! Would you be able to help us out with the following main slots that we are looking to fill?...

***Saturday*** 10-1 (2 more people) 
***Saturday*** 1-4 (1 more person)

***Sunday*** 10-1 (2 more people)
***Sunday*** 1-4 (3 more people)

In addition, we can always used some extra hands to help us wrap up the booth from 4-7 p.m. on Saturday and then as many hands as possible from about 4 p.m. until done on Sunday to pack up and take down the tents.

To volunteer, just message Temple Secretary Lindsey Piech. Are you only available at another time? Message Lindsey anyway! The more the merrier! Things always work out perfectly and we always have an amazing time!

You will never be alone at the booth and we always have enough experienced folks around to answer questions--we just need trustworthy hands to greet people, make small/easy sales and be good ambassadors. As always, we'll have ice water on hand and a place behind the booth for volunteers to store chairs, coolers, etc

We are looking forward to another amazing Pagan Picnic and weekend of community! Love, blessings and blessed be!

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Future offerings will include brief instructional vignettes on the Craft, shamanism and magick! 

We use this channel for private monthly video lessons for the Spirit's Edge Mystery School Online Apprenticeship Program. For details on the apprenticeships, click HERE. ... Below are videos on Shea Morgan's experience of transformation beyond fear on the don Miguel Ruiz family's Dawn of a New Dream retreat to Teotihuacan, Mexico, and also lovely video of Great Horned Owl, dining at Shea Morgan's family's Century Farm...

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