Come to the Edge,                                                  where Spirit dwells . . .

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Future offerings will include brief instructional vignettes on the Craft, shamanism and magick! 

We use this channel for private monthly video lessons for the Spirit's Edge Mystery School Online Apprenticeship Program. For details on the apprenticeships, click HERE. ... Below are videos on Shea Morgan's experience of transformation beyond fear on the don Miguel Ruiz family's Dawn of a New Dream retreat to Teotihuacan, Mexico, and also lovely video of Great Horned Owl, dining at Shea Morgan's family's Century Farm...

2016 Pagan Picnic - Check out this video starting at 5:49 for an interview with Shea on Spirit's Edge's 3rd booth on the Witchy

West Edge of Pagan Picnic! It was yet another amazing, magickal and love-filled weekend! Love and blessings! (MagickTV) 

2015 Pagan Picnic - Check out this video starting at 4:47 for an interview with Shea on Spirit's Edge's second booth! It was yet another amazing, magickal and love-filled weekend! Love and blessings! (MagickTV) 

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"Today is judgement day. Today is the very last day that I judge either myself or anybody else. Today I will accept myself just the way I am, and I will accept everybody else just the way they are.

My reward is eternal peace, love

and happiness."

~don Jose Ruiz, April 5, 2013

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Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon is a spiritual community of connection, instruction and spiritual wisdom for seekers and practitioners of alternative spiritual paths. We offer Earth-based rituals to celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year, along with workshops to feed the Spirit that dwells within each of us. Its founders include Shea Morgan, members of the Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple and members of other eclectic traditions. 

"Come to the Edge," Life said. 
"I am afraid," I said.
"Come to the Edge," Life said.
I came. Life pushed me ...
And I flew."

-adaptation of poem by Guillaume Apollinaire

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 details on the Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple & Tradition...

About A Seeker's Salon:

When I began my official journey on the path of the Witch, Shaman & Mage,         I could not have imagined where it would take me. After a lifetime spent in spiritual studies in various forms, I was home.

Inspiring seekers to find their own light of Spirit within, through teachings, healings and writings...Being of service to the community as a Teacher, Minister, High Priestess and Founder of Spirit's Edge, has brought such joy to my life.

I thank all those who brought the gift of learning along the way to help make this journey possible. 


Blessed be!  

Shea Morgan,

Minister/Founder/High Priestess

April 5, 2013



A Note From Spirit's Edge Founder Shea Morgan:

Come to the Edge, where Spirit dwells!


For intuitive, meditation, shamanic healing & life coaching sessions, email Bright Blessings!


For the Spirit's Edge Mystery School, classes at Spirit's Edge: The Witch's Croft and the Center for Mind, Body & Spirit, click below. Bright  blessings!

A Seeker's Salon endeavors to create a welcoming spiritual community through ceremony, celebration and teachings.

Join us - all are welcome!


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Pagan Picnic Interviews

Shea on top of the Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, Dec. 31, 2014, on the Teotihuacan: Dawn of A New Dream Retreat by the don Miguel Ruiz family

Shea with the altar at the Spirit's Edge Ritual of Healing at the 2014 St. Louis Pagan Picnic

2013 Pagan Picnic - This was Spirit's Edge community's first year at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic! We were honored to perform both the Opening and Closing Rituals for the Pagan Picnic! Check out this video starting at 0:17 for an interview with Shea on Spirit's Edge leading the Opening/Closing Pagan Picnic Rituals!

We had a *huge* turnout for the Opening Ritual!  A little rain for the Closing Ritual could not dampen the joyous spirit!

2014 Pagan Picnic - Check out this video starting at 0:55 for an interview with Shea on Spirit's Edge's first booth! It was such a magickal, amazing weekend! Love and blessings! (MagickTV)