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Spirit's Edge Mystery School WSM I-V Apprenticeships

​Five Year Mystery School with One-Year, Online Apprenticeships in Witchcraft Shamanism & Magick (WSM IV) by Kassia S. Morgan, Spirit's Edge Mystery School Teacher, Founder & High Priestess - ​These are online classes with monthly lesson video (pre-recorded),a lesson handout & syllabus and feedback and mentoring from the teacher each month on the assignments, plus a private Facebook class page for class discussions and mentoring. 

For the 2025 Mystery School WSM one-year online apprenticeships beginning March 1, 2026, registration will open on November 1, 2024 this year! We love the symmetry with opening the registration period with the beginning of the Witch's new year! The 2025 course application deadline will be Feb. 15, 2025. 

This Mystery School is an inner development and soul growth school, guiding the individual through intensive independent self-study and direct mentoring by the teacher fitting the boutique nature of our school, through the secret class page and monthly homework submissions. Throughout the Mystery School journey, the student will seek partnership with their Shadow Self and seek to merge with their Higher Self. The Work of this program is geared to guide the individual as they seek to integrate their own soul lessons, develop awareness and a higher state of consciousness / higher vibration, centered in the Heart, anchored in Divine Love and Light. This school provides the vehicle for the student to integrate their spiritual development into their own practice and life – merging the three aspects of the soul as one and embodying the Great Work of the soul.