About The Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple & Tradition:

The Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition brings together shamanism and ceremonial magick in the context of Witchcraft. It merges teachings, breaks boundaries, bringing these concepts into a cohesive whole. Our Temple's purpose is to be of service to the Great Work and the community, both on the physical plane/ordinary reality and the non-physical plane/non-ordinary reality. Our Temple welcomes and honors those of all traditions. We offer Public Sabbat Rituals and Salon discussions, online rituals and teachings that are open to everyone of all paths and all experience levels - all are welcome!

Here is Board Secretary Sandy posing with one of their farm’s French angoras, Walter – or rather, Walter posing with his Sandy

About our Story:

Spirit’s Edge was born on Jan. 1, 2010 in a ritual by Kassia S. Morgan’s coven. The Spirit's Edge Shamonial Tradition has its roots from August 2011 when our founder Kassia S. Morgan journeyed on the Pilgrimage to Glastonbury and with particular help on the inner planes by her Master Teacher Dion Fortune, with whom she communed intensively in the Chalice Well Gardens.

Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon was conceived in May 2012, our first quasi-public ritual was Beltane 2012, it was formalized in July 2012 and initiated in a ritual August 2012 with our Founding Deity Hekate. Our first fully public ritual was Mabon 2012.

The tradition’s name – Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition – was gifted to Kassia by Spirit in Feb. 2014. The official tradition announcement was March 2014, and you may read the announcement by clicking HERE

Kassia brought the Tradition through from the inner planes during her weekend at a shamanic intensive of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Kassia received three initiations on the Inner Planes from the Temple of the Twelve Signs (read further below under our "mission" for more details on the Temple of the Twelve Signs). The Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple was formally publicly initiated on Lammas 2014. 

On Sept. 8, 2014, the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple became an officially recognized non-profit by the State of Missouri. We are in the process of seeking our status as a federally recognized 501C3 religious organization. Funds after event expenses go our effort to become a 501C3. We secured our name by obtaining federal trademarks, called "word marks," on both "Spirit's Edge" and "Shamonial" in 2014.

​Our Temple, Tradition and Mystery School continue to shift to a higher vibration, bringing in the most beautiful and luminescent Light and Love of the Divine. This journey is marked by the milestone of our High Priestess announcing her new spiritual name in September 2018, a name that had been coming through to Kassia for twelve years in a myriad of ways, and which reflects this shift and focus on Love and Light in both her personal journey and for the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple, Tradition and Mystery School in all their forms. The beautiful influence of the Violet Ray - and so much more - also manifested into form in September 2018 in support of our Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple, including a more active role in support of our Temple and its Work by one of Kassia's long-time guides, Archangel Tzadkiel.

Our Temple’s spiritual community is called Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon. It is a spiritual community of sharing, connection, instruction and spiritual wisdom for seekers and practitioners of all spiritual paths. We offer Public Rituals & Salon dicussions and teachings to celebrate the Turning of the Wheel of the Year, along with workshops, online rituals and more, to feed the Spirit that dwells within each of us. All are welcome - all experience levels and traditions! - just ask to join the community group page. Our Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon community was also founded by Kassia S. Morgan. You may join our online Facebook community by clicking HERE and asking to join - all are welcome! ​

About our Mission:

​The Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple’s mission is to be of service to the community and the Great Work. We seek to provide opportunities for individuals to discover themselves, their path, and find illumination for their spiritual journey.

We do this work through a focus on Love and Light through a partnership and communion with the Gods and allies in the Three Worlds – the Animal, Crystal and Plant Kingdoms; the Hidden Company; the Archangels, the Ancestors; the Kingdom of Faery, and all Helping Compassionate Spirits of the Three Worlds.

Though we work with many gods, guides and allies as both a Temple and as individuals, we are supported directly in this work on the Inner Planes by the Temple of The Twelve Signs. The Temple of the Twelve Signs includes 12 Stations, each with a Goddess, God and member of the Hidden Company, for a total of 12 Goddesses, 12 Gods and 12 members of the Hidden Company. Each also has its own symbol, colors, utterance and more. The Council of the Twelve Signs consists of those deities and Hidden Company who lead the Temple of the Twelve Signs.

This temple on the Inner Planes is led by three members of the Hidden Company, including Dion Fortune. Our work is further anchored by three deities at the head of the Temple of the Twelve Signs - Hathor, IxChel and Hermes - along with our Founding Deity Hekate. Founder Kassia S. Morgan received three initiations over five months, initiating her as High Priestess of the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Tradition and Temple, and also into the Temple of the Twelve Signs and other work of the Hidden Company. All of these allies were included in the formal initiation of our Temple at Lammas 2014. We also partner with the "Committee" of the UpperWorld and of Universal Energy, anchoring our Work in the Love and Light of the Divine. Together, we partner in the Great Work.

We also do our work through the Red, Blue and Gold Rays, as you can see them within our Temple’s sigil, which is also a healing sigil intended to bring healing both to individuals and the Three Worlds. It is also a symbol used for the work of the psychopomp. The Red is brick red in color and has associations with one of our anchor deities as well and is commonly associated with Power and Will. The Blue is royal blue in color and also has associations with one of our anchor deities and is commonly associated with Love and Healing. The Gold is temple gold and contains the blessings of the twelve signs, seen in its nine points and when combined with the Three Eyes of our Temple, and is commonly associated with Knowledge and Wisdom.

​Our Work with the Violet Ray, though it has been in the background and emerging over the time of Spirit's Edge's development, has come into form in a more formal way since September 2018 and continues to increase in vibration resonating throughout our Temple and outward into the Universe and into manifestation on the physical plane. Archangel Tzadkiel, a long-time guide of Kassia's, has also come to the forefront to assist in the Great Work of our Temple.

Our Temple honors those of all traditions, of all paths - all are welcome to participate with us in the Great Work.

Our hope through this work is to achieve individual awareness, manifesting it in our physical lives. Through that individual awareness, combined with the foundation of our Temple and its community, our greater mission is to bring healing to all worlds, to dream a world of Love and Light, and bring forth the Garden of the Gods on Earth.

About our Temple Board:

President of the Board / High Priestess… Kassia S. Morgan is the Founder, Minister and High Priestess of the Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple & Tradition, the Spirit’s Edge Mystery School and The Witch's Croft. She is a minister, teacher, occultist, writer, Martha Beck trained Life Coach, Priestess of the Morrighan, public policy consultant, and a metaphysical/ shamanic healing practitioner. Kassia manages our Pagan Picnic booth (the first weekend of June every year!) and Annual Fall Auction (on our Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon group page). Both raise money to support our Temple's events, outreach and for our 501c3 efforts. For Kassia's full bio, please click HERE.

Secretary of the Board... Sandra Nash is a member of the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple
Board of Directors, serving in the office of Secretary. She is a practicing Asatru, in partnership
with the land on her little piece of paradise at Sowilo Farm in Southeastern Nebraska. She has
been on a pagan path for 30 years and has long incorporated her path into her daily life, as part
of the land and nature around her.

Sandy is a fiber and textiles enthusiast, raising Pygora goats and Angora bunnies for their fiber -
and companionship of course! She spins her own thread and uses a natural dyeing process with
plants such as those you would find in nature and the garden. She spins and dyes her own fibers
and has plans to begin a “dyers garden.” Sandy’s beloved kitties are her constant companions,
along with her herd of rambunctious goats who follow her around the farm. The "Council of Ladies"
(aka the farm's chickens) hold roost in the chicken’s domain, providing plenty of eggs for the table.

She is a life-long student of the runes. Sandy also studies herbs and plants for their healing,
​as well as magical properties. She also has her own line of soaps, made with only
​the most natural ingredients.

Sandy has been a member of Spirit’s Edge since it was “born” in 2010. She previously
lived in St. Louis, where she was a long-standing member of the pagan community. Prior to her
move to Nebraska, Sandy also was a member of a coven with Kassia.

​For her regular day “gig,” Sandy works for a private law firm.

Treasurer of the Board… Joyce is a member of the Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple Board of Directors, serving as Treasurer. She comes to us with a background in bookkeeping and an lengthy tenure serving as a financial conservator / financial guardian and power of attorney / DPA of healthcare and more for long-term care consumers. Joyce has a "green thumb" and a kinship with nature. When she is not busy with her volunteer activities, Joyce may be found with her family on their Missouri "Century Farm" where she was born and which has been in the family since 1902.

Board Member... Asteria Virtus is a member of the Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple
Board of Directors. Asteria has been on a pagan spiritual path since 2005.
Asteria studied extensively with her mentor, the late Deborah Bourbon, while living
in St. Louis. Asteria and Kassia met through their studies with their mutual mentor and
teacher Deborah. Asteria also practiced with Kassia's circle / second coven prior to moving
​from St. Louis and has been a member of Spirit’s Edge since it was “born” in 2010.
She has been active on our Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon community group page
since its inception. Asteria has studied in both the Spirit’s Edge Mystery School and
a prior school where Kassia mentored her into the third year/third degree. Asteria also
has a teaching background, currently works for her ​family’s business and lives
with her son in Pennsylvania.

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Come to the Edge, where Spirit dwells...

Asteria Virtus, Member of the Board of Directors


Welcoming a new decade for Spirit's Edge! - Jan. 1, 2020 Founder's Message:

We have much to celebrate as Spirit’s Edge, Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple and as a Mystery School!! 2020 is a special year, because on Jan. 1, 2020, we celebrated the 10th birthday of Spirit’s Edge!! This marks a whole decade of the Great Work!! Spirit’s Edge is a spiritual organization, and it was born on Jan. 1, 2010 in a working by my coven. Our first quasi-public ritual was held May 2012. Our community called Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon was founded on Hekate’s Feast Day Aug. 13, 2012. Soon after, at Mabon 2012, Spirit’s Edge started its ongoing, continuous run of public sabbat rituals. Our Mystery School was announced June 2013, and our first WSM I & II classes began November 2013. For several years, we had two sections of WSM I as well. Spirit’s Edge took its full name of Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple in February 2014.

We are still going strong as measured in the most beautiful, joy-filled and amazing community - by our wonderful and Light-filled members at Spirit's Edge! We continue to do the Great Work, living in Service to the Divine in all things. Grounded with our roots deep into the Earth, reaching for the heights of Spirit and plugged into the Source of all. And we have a great time to boot!!

Our Temple is incredibly blessed and this past decade has been such an incredible time of growth and transformation in Spirit. We welcome in continued prosperity, peace, Love, joy, harmony and community for the decade of the 2020s and beyond! We celebrate the continued heightening of the vibration of our Temple, as we are are bathed in the Violet Ray and the pure crystalline energy of Source.

We send so much love, gratitude and thanks to all of our members!! And to all of our supporters in the greater pagan community!!

We honor and thank all of the pagan elders and ancesteors throughout the years who have paved the way for us all - who paved the way for us so that we might forge anew, building new foundations and paving the way for others to follow, and

weaving more threads on this great tapestry and Web of Life in service to the Divine! Happy first decade Spirit's Edge!

In Love, Light & Gratiude!
Kassia S. Morgan
Founder, Minister & High Priestess,
Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple, Tradition & Mystery School

For the Spirit's Edge Mystery School, classes at Spirit's Edge: The Witch's Croft and the Center for Mind, Body & Spirit, click below. Bright  blessings!