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"Lay down your cross of burden and be washed in the waters of rememberance. You are source, centered in substance and the crown of success awaits you! This Hallows, call to the Holy and Redeemed Ancestors....the one who walk in hope and power. You may not know their name. They know are their hope made manifest. Call out to those named and un-named, known and unknown ancestors who walk with you to hold steady your hands to claim your crown! The veil thins and this power is available to you."

~ Orion Foxwood Oct. 2016

"We always claim power by doing exactly what needs to be done. The trouble is discerning moment by moment exactly what that may be. But staying present, vital, alert, the next move presents itself. It feels good to assert yourself as a living being, participating actively in this life. As witches, we must rise to the occasion and, if need be, even go toe to toe with "forces" that may not have the best intentions in mind." ~Timothy Roderick  2016

don Jose Ruiz

What kind of Messenger are you?

Devotions & Inspiration

Images of Inspiration from the Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage - August 2013

Here are several photos taken on the pilgrimage to Wales, attended by Kassia S. Morgan, which you can read about on her blog ( and/or click above for more photos. Kassia S. Morgan contributed to The Waters & Fires of Avalon Anthology from the Pilgrimage to Glastonbury in Aug. 2011 (under her prior spiritual name). (Scroll down this page for video images).

This video is of the Chalice Well Gardens. We stayed at the Chalice Well House. We walked through Avalon, journeying through the pilgrimage up through the gardens, step by step, over each night with rituals and journeys. We walked the grounds that Dion Fortune walked in her day. This video starts filming at the bottom of the gardens, following our path of the week up through the gardens. See Chalice Well Gardens - 2 for the continued view to the top of the gardens. 


This video continues from the first video of the Chalice Well Gardens. We stayed at the Chalice Well House. We walked through Avalon, journeying through the pilgrimage up through the gardens, step by step, over each night with rituals and journeys. We walked the grounds that Dion Fortune walked in her day. This video starts in the middle, following our path the remainder of the week to the top of the gardens. See Chalice Well Gardens - 1 for the walk from the bottom/ 


After the Stonehenge Ritual


Entering the Stonehenge Ritual


The Voice

My Voice lifts up,

Heights of Heavens

The cry of Spirit,

Hear its call,

Depths of Soul

Heights of awakening,

Center of Heart,

Crown of Throne

Breath of Fire,

Burns my Throat

Cleansing, purifying, freeing

Knowledge lost, Wisdom gained

Breath, sweet Breath of Spirit

My parched Throat yearns for you

Beckons you,

yet no sound

Listen now,

breeze blows 'cross my Brow

Trickles down my eyes,

my face, my lips

Quenches my Throat

I speak again

But find, Silence.

I Hear.

I See.

I Listen.

Stillness. Peace.

One. I begin again.


don Jose Ruiz is the co-author of The Five Agreements, which he wrote with his father, don Miguel Ruiz, the author of the popular Four Agreements. Here is a beautiful vehicle with some key messages about The Fifth Agreement. 


Dare Change

How do you face the wolf within?


Don't wait for a miracle to happen and make you happy when it's already looking at you in your mirror. Thank the person in your mirror for being a unique expression of universal beauty that has never been before and will never be again. You are art waiting to happen!

~ Orion Foxwood, Oct. 2016

Teotihuacan: Dawn of A New Dream:

Video by Kassia S. Morgan on her experience of transformation beyond fear, and what she learned on this New Year's 2015 retreat, which was led by don Jose, don Miguel Jr. and don Miguel Ruiz - Love and blessings everyone!

The Dance

Spiraling on our path,

We dance of the flight of the Crow;

The song of the wild,

Drums beating in our Heart.

We wend our way through the night;

Moonlight calling to hidden gems, Sparkling in the darkness.

The Lady calls us to the dance, Eternal song of soul and being.

We move round the fire,

Flames licking,

Wind blowing,

Mist swirling,

We move.

We move.

We are.

We feel.

We feel Earth beat within.

Our Heart,

One with the drums,

Souls as one,

One with the dance.

We dance.

The spiral goes on.

Crow sings.

Blessed Be.

Collage from Kassia S. Morgan's journey on the Wild Magick of Wales Pilgrimage in August 2013

Chalice Well Gardens - 1

Chalice Well Gardens - 2

don Miguel Ruiz

A Story of Awakening

The Spirit

I open myself to the Divine,

To the powers of the Universe
To the connection of all that is
Spirit within and without
Flowing through all things
All moments in this time
In each time,
Each moment, a gift
I open like a many petaled flower
Blooming in the light of Spirit 
Its scent wafting to the Heavens
Its roots cleansed in the Depths
My being illuminated
The light of Love radiates
As a thousand burning Stars
Encompassing my being
Flowing through me
As I am a vessel
In service to Spirit 
and the Divine in all things.
Blessed be.


Poems by Kassia S. Morgan

Author's Note: This inspired poetry can also be used as part of a daily devotional or as a prayer to open to Spirit within and without and to the Divine that flows through all things. Namaste

Images & Inspiration from Kassia's Pilgrimage

to Glastonbury August 2011

Here are several videos and photos (click on link above for photos) taken on the pilgrimage to Glastonbury, attended by Kassia S. Morgan. The anthology book, The Waters and Fires of Avalon, contains accounts of the pilgrimage and for which Kassia (under the name Shea Morgan) contributed writings on the journey. Kassia also will be adding posts about Glastonbury to her blog, so stay tuned to!

The Vision

The universe within

Its stars and the heavens spin

Indigo eyes of galaxies

Whirring to my sight

I step into the middle

Here is stillness

I reach out, touch a star

If I might

Pull back my hand

In my palm,

Touched by light

A book,

Wisdom to lend

I look around

I see the stars

Each soul, starlight

Image of their light

Stories in the heavens

Touch it and see

In stillness

You will find it

With eyes awake

You will touch it.

And you will See.

Blessed be.