Healing Spirit Circle

  • Interested in energy healing and looking for a way to volunteer or be more involved with our Temple, regardless of where you live in the world? The Healing Spirit Circle is open for new members for a short time after each Full Moon's healing work is done. You do not need to have experience in any particular modality to take part - just pure intentions, the desire to help people and the ability to follow our process. Spirit and the helping compassionate spirits will take care of the rest!  
  • We have been sending healing every month at the time of the full moon since Ostara 2016! 
  • To join the Healing Spirit Circle, first join our Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon Group page and then send a friend request on Facebook to Temple High Priestess Kassia S. Morgan and Healing Spirit Circle Team Lead Suzi (so FB will let us add you!), and then let us know that you would like to join the Healing Spirit Circle and we'll get you added!
  • The feedback has been incredible on our Healing Spirit Circle! Those in the group doing the healing work each month love the Work, and those receiving the healing have had some pretty amazing results! They all report feeling the love the magick and being held in Spirit as a result of this Work. We share feedback on our secret Facebook group page. 
  • Are you in need of healing? f you wish to receive healing, please message us via our Temple page or message Team Lead Suzi directly, and we will get you added to the healing list! Please include the name, city and age of the person to receive healing. If the healing is for someone else, please be sure you seek and have their permission first before contacting us. If it is your own minor child, you may consent for them. 

​To be a member of the above circle, you must first be a member of our online Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon Group/Community page and "like" our Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple page on Facebook. So go ahead and join and like today, so you're ready to get started! After you do that, just send a Facebook message to Temple High Priestess  Kassia S. Morgan or via our Temple's Facebook page and let us know if you wish to be added to our Healing Spirit Circle. 

Please Note:  Our circles are not like a coven or that type of circle. They are circles of folks in our membership getting together for different purposes, community and community service.