"I'm super grateful for this WSM I / Spirit's Edge Mystery School program. I can say without exaggeration that it's been life changing in just two months. I'm so excited to keep learning. Thank you for all the work that you put into it." ~ WSM I Mystery​ School Student

"You're a great teacher. Lots of respect for you." ~ WSM I Mystery​ School Student

"I just wanted to say thank you. I was more than surprised about the amount of time and effort you have invested in this endeavor. We are very fortunate to have an organization like yours around here. Your videos really give the experience of being in a group practice session. The contact with you as our mentor, the organization, I am simply blown away. I attend online college and your approach / materials by far surpasses the quality that is offered by the bigger business "professionals." Where you differentiate yourself is by the guided experience and the ability to bridge the gap between solitary practitioner and group practitioners. So, just wanted to say - my experience is one of extreme delight. You have great work here!" ~ Mystery School Student

"This class was so intriguing and has me craving more. I cannot wait for another! Blessed Be." ~Kassia's student

"I want to thank you so very much for all the training you offered for this second degree (WSM II).  It took me on a journey that led me to investigating so much that I was rewarded way beyond what I had imagined. I am so grateful for the patience you showed me, and the depth of what this second level taught me ended up being deeper than I could have imagined it to be. The doors you have opened for me is like going shopping in a huge candy store where I just want to buy everything at the same time. These lessons catapulted me to study intently on so much more and the results of this study have been indeed worth it all and every penny. Please know that I cherish this experience and value your teachings Kassia. It seems like you just knew what was going on and took it to another level with me. Love and light, Blessed be." ~WSM II student / First Degree Initiate 

"I took the WSM I online class last year and all I can say is – WOW, what an eye opener. I enjoyed every second of it, every lesson, every exercise, and yes even the homework." ~a Graduate/First Degree Initiate about her experience in the WSM I One Year Online Apprenticeship

"The best part though is the teachings of Kassia Morgan herself. She writes and videos the assignments giving helping hints and encouragement along the way. I am so looking forward to the next level. Thanks, Kassia for all that you do and all that you are." ~ WSM I graduate / First Degree Initiate 

"I am about to start WSM III, which is my second year of spiritual work in the Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick Apprenticeships in the Spirit's Edge Mystery School, and my third year overall of Witchcraft classes with HPS Kassia and others. My Witchcraft I class was via a class held by a different tradition, and while I felt a connection to the reading materials, what I really needed to grow spiritually was a more difficult path - a challenge for my own growth. The Spirit's Edge Mystery School gives that blend of inspirational materials with an intensive monthly study plan that takes your spiritual quest to a higher level. It also incorporates many different pantheons and traditions, a plus for your own knowledge-base and learning what works best for you. ~WSM II Graduate / Second Degree Initiate

"I appreciate all you do and teach, HPS Kassia. I’m grateful for the solid foundational teaching in your school that you share. I have been all over the board in different groups, schools, etc. over the years. I am so glad I went through two levels of your teachings (WSM I & II). Your patience is amazing. I’m so glad I learned the principles in level one of psychic protections and related studies from an effective yet peaceful perspective with your courses. The integrity that you inspire and show by your actions builds people up instead of disharmony that is more prevalent elsewhere in my experiences. In my wanderings over the years amongst other witch communities / groups / traditions, I am just so flabbergasted at all the so-called witch wars that go on daily - but never at all in Spirit's Edge. Given these experiences, I am even more, so proud to say that I studied with you! You are never involved in anything but love and light!  I’m just reaching out to send some love and keep encouraging you to do the great work you do. You have inspired me in so many ways. Blessed be." ~WSM II Graduate / Second Degree Initiate

​"Thank you Kassia! You planted seeds for me to reach and continue to grow within my truth. Sending gratitude to you! ~ WSM II Student

"Last night was so incredibly special to me, as I graduated my year-long class on my spiritual path. I've put in so much work on my Self in achieving this goal, and I can't help but smile when I think of the growth and transformations I've made, the journey behind me, and the unknown journey which lies ahead of me. Thank you Kassia for being such a wonderful teacher and inspiration! I'm really grateful to have met you, and have your friendship. I'm so happy to have shared that ritual with such amazing people, last night! ~ WSM I graduate / First Degree Initiate 

​"I feel like there's a path I am supposed to follow. I don't know what it is yet, except to say that I know the Goddess pulls me toward it. I feel it so strongly at times. Like I'm going to just burst. Like I'm pregnant with something and right now, something that is growing inside me that's been there my whole life, but I've never given it the nurturing it needed. I feel this is the time to nurture and feed it and to put my energy into it. There's so much in my head and heart…  One thing is for damn sure, this [WSM I] class (and Spirit's Edge as a whole) has definitely sparked my inner flame!! whoo baby! … It's clear that I've been brought to this point for a reason and by Goddess, this time I intend to dig deeper than ever before to find out what this is that has been stirring in me for my whole life.  Lots of love and hugs!" ~WSM I Graduate / First Degree Initiate 

"I've been on my path (and sometimes off my path!) for quite some time now. It was certainly special to me to really focus my studies, under the guidance of a teacher and many mentors, for the past year, all to have it culminate in a beautiful ceremony." ~ WSM I graduate / First Degree Initiate 

"When I found the Spirit's Edge website, something stirred within me, and I knew I had to check out one of their rituals even though I live two hours away. What a magical evening! The drive was totally worth it. I met so many wonderful, caring people who welcomed me into the group right away, and the ritual itself was transformative on so many levels. Kassia has created an amazing group, and I'm so grateful that I found her. I'm also really excited to start her WSM I year-long apprenticeship. I've heard nothing but good things from other students, and I'm sure it will be a year to remember!" ~WSM I Graduate / First Degree Initiate 

"I learned so much in my first year of WSM I! The instruction from the books, along with the tailored instruction from HPS Kassia, really gives you the tools you need to discover your own power. I discovered abilities that I didn't know I had. The most profound thing I learned from that year was that my biggest challenge to overcome was my own self-doubt. I was the only thing standing in my way. It is an excellent foundation for further growth on this path." ~WSM III Graduate / Third Degree Initiate 

"The Spirit's Edge year-long WSM classes have changed my life! My eyes and spirit have been opened to a new way of experiencing the divine. HPS Kassia has a way of kindness and patience, and such an easy-going approach to such a full breadth of material. I am a second-year student now, and I could not be more excited to see what Kassia, and her amazing book list selection, brings to the table for the rest of this year!" ~ WSM IV / Fourth Degree Initiate

"Thank you for teaching this class. I really enjoyed it. I'm going to go back and do the others that have already been recorded." ~ Kassia's Student 

"Wonderful evening of learning and sharing and just being together with mutually supportive people. No better way to spend an evening. ​It was a great group. Kassia, your teaching space has a wonderful energy to it as well. I felt so at peace when I was there. Thanks to Kassia!" ~ Kassia's Student 

"I really enjoyed the class last night. I can't wait to attend another one.  :-)" ~Kassia's Student 

"Class was really fun!" ~WSM III graduate / Third Degree Initiate / WSM IV Student

"Very inspiring and a wealth of information!" ~ Kassia's Student 

​"I took away some insights last night that I believe will be very valuable to me going forward." ~Kassia's Student 

"I get something out of all your classes but this one was one of my favorites! Thank you!" ~ WSM III Graduate / Third Degree Initiate

"Very informative class. Wonderful group of ladies!" ~ Kassia's Student 

"Kassia, thank you for being a thoughtful spiritual leader this year. There have been multiple times that you have helped me (even times when you didn't know you were helping me) get through a challenging year. I'm looking forward to being a part of Spirit's Edge for a long time as it continues to grow. Hugs and love!

"The teacher Kassia was excellent and knew her material well. It was wonderful that a class like this is offered. I enjoyed it immensely! ~ Kassia's St. Louis Community College Student

"Great instructor. Great course!" ~Kassia's St. Louis Community College Student 

"First time I've ever taken an online class and used Zoom. I 100% loved this class and instructor! The class and the instructor were wonderful! ~ Kassia's St. Louis Community College Student 

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