Public Rituals & Salons - All are welcome!

Some are In-Person ... some are Online/Zoom!

Mark your calendars for the Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple Public Sabbat Ritual & Salon celebrations for 2024!

We offer a Public Sabbat Ritual Series with Salon Discussion to celebrate in community, join with Spirit and turn the Wheel of the Year! Each sabbat has a short teaching and discussion component called "A Seeker's Salon," followed by a formal ritual and a "Fellowship Circle” after the ritual. We welcome those of all traditions and paths. We welcome those that are brand new to the path and experienced practitioners. The Ritual is explained during the Salon discussion, so no worries if it’s your first time, and everyone is welcoming! We change pantheons that we partner with at each ritual, so each ritual is unique! Sometimes after the in-person sabbat rituals, we may offer a recording of our sabbat guided journey for sale. 

We have created individual, public event pages on Facebook for all of the below events, so please join the event pages for updates! If you join our Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon Facebook group page (all are welcome!), you will have ready access and notification of any events we create – just look under the “events” tab on the group page to find the entire list of all of our events. (Some 2024 FB event pages are up, and more are coming soon!) Please also share the group page and event pages with your friends as all are welcome! We look forward to seeing you there! As the year goes along, we will add event pages that are public on our Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple events page. You may subscribe to our Temple events page as well! .Also, please "like" our Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple page and join our Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon group page for information on our fun informal field trips (which do not have event pages).​ You're welcome to join our two Meetup pages as well - The Eclectic at Spirit's Edge and Witches, Shamans, Mages & Pagans Meetup

2024 Ritual & Salon Dates & Details:

Some of our rituals are in-person AND some of our rituals are online/zoom, so please read closely!This continues to be an exciting opportunity for us as we flow with the times and engage both our robust in-person community and our robust online membership! We look forward to celebrating the Wheel of the Year with you! Come to the Edge, where Spirit dwells!! 💜🕯💜


  • Ostara / Spring Equinox - IN-PERSON - March 16, 2024 - Click HERE for Facebook event page. ... This is a daytime ritual with arrival at 11:15 a.m.! We are still at Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park, AND we now have an exciting new location in the park - the indoor Henry Babler cabin shelter - #witchyvibes! ​It is about 1.5 miles back on Guy Park Dr. from the visitor's center. At this new location, we can drum, so bring your drums and rattles! We will burn fire petitions in the fireplace and everyone attending will receive a Green Adventurine heart charged with the power of our working. We will partner with Mother Gaia - so appropriate for our new location in the park! Check out a video of our awesome new cabin location at Babler State Park HERE!!... Formal registration (advanced payment via PayPal) is required by Midnight on Thurs., two days prior to the ritual. Advanced ticket purchase is required; there will be NO payments accepted at the door. For our in-person rituals, adults are $25 to $35 sliding scale. Payment is via to (When you enter the email address in PayPal, it will show our name of Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple). Or, there is a PayPal button above. (Sliding scale is to help us better cover our ritual costs.)  Registration & Payment information is below. along with other details. Please watch event pages for updates. ​... We will follow any covid regulations in place at the time of the event. if you're ill at all, please stay home as folks with illness will be turned away at the door (let us know in advance if you're sick and we can apply your registration to the next in person ritual), etc. Attendance is at your own risk. ... You are encouraged to spend time on your own in the park prior to and after our ritual! You may wish to bring a picnic breakfast or a late / mid-afternoon picnic lunch (or both). Bring a snack for during our 20-minute break between the Salon discussion and the Ritual. You are also welcome to bring a drink to have at your seat during the Salon and Ritual. Blessed be! 💜​🕯💜​​​
  • Beltane Ritual - ONLINE - April 27, 2024 - - Event page coming soon - Formal registration (advanced payment via PayPal) is required by Midnight on Thursday / two days prior to the ritual. For our online rituals only, adults are $25 to $10 sliding scale, based on ability to pay for attending our online ritual. PayPal button is above or pay via to if paying a different amount than in the drop down menu. The kids' fee structure is the same. Kassia will send you (and everyone) the Zoom link and passcode for this Zoom event on the Friday the day before the ritual (after your payment) to the email address associated with your PayPal account). Please see event page updates. If you can, please have a candle and a rattle/drum for the virtual live video Ritual. Please join us as we raise some beautiful energy in a magickal celebration! Blessed be! 💜​🕯💜​​​ 
  • Midsummer / Summer Solstice / Litha - IN-PERSON - June 22, 2024   
  • Lammas / Lughnasadh - ONLINE - July 27, 2024  
  • Mabon / Autumn Equinox - 12th anniv. of public rituals - IN-PERSON - Sept. 14, 2024
  • Samhain / All Hallows' Eve - IN-PERSON - Oct. 26, 2024
  • Yule / Winter Solstice - ONLINE - Dec. 14, 2024 
  • 2025 dates TBA! 

In-Person & Online Advanced Registration / Ritual Investment/Cost:
Payments are via PayPal to Please see below amounts. Purchase of your ticket(s) is required by two days prior to the date of the ritual - whether in-person or online - which will complete your formal registration for Ritual. Please note which Ritual you're paying for and the names of whom you're paying for when completing the PayPal transaction. All ritual fees paid support that ritual event. (When you enter our email address in PayPal, the name of Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple will pop up.)

  • For in-person rituals, there will be NO payments accepted at the door, so please be sure to pre-pay for your ticket! For online rituals,
  • For our online rituals, Zoom information will be sent to you by the day prior to the Ritual. 

Adult TIcket:
In-Person - $35 to $25 sliding scale .... Online - $25 to $10 sliding scale, based on your ability to pay
Teen 13-18 – $10
Youth 7-12 – $5
Child 1-6 – free

​If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should attend or having a challenging time, the ritual will lift you up – so totally attend the ritual anyway! And it's even *more* important to attend in that case! And no worries about how you're feeling (other than if you're physically sick of course!), energies, etc., it's all good! Come, and let the spirit lift you up!! If you are sick and paid for an in-person ritual, please do stay home, and let us know in advance, and we will apply your ritual fee to the next in-person ritual. Any folks exhibiting symptoms of illness will be asked to leave. In-person rituals are attend-at-your-own-risk, particularly in this time of the covid pandemic. All funds benefits Spirit's Edge and its robust online and in person Work! Additional donations are always appreciated as well! 

Online/Zoom Times/Schedule:

All of our online rituals are on Saturdays, starting at 6:50 p.m. 

6:50 – Arrival/Log On (Please "arrive" on time! You may wish to start logging onto Zoom event 10 minutes early.)
7 p.m. *sharp!*  A Seeker's Salon - starts promptly at 7 p.m.!
7:45-9 p.m. - Ritual (please no arrivals after ritual has started (if you get disconnected due to your internet connection though, you may rejoin the video call)
9-9:30 p.m. After Ritual Fellowship Circle (You're welcome to have a non-alcoholic drink at your chair. We will have a fun after-ritual chat!)

Online/Zoom Structure:
Our online/zoom rituals have been beautiful ritual experience with amazing energy!! It is a great way to involve our greater Spirit's Edge community online and with our distance members.  The Online Virtual Rituals are via Zoom Video Conference. The Zoom call link and meeting code will be sent out to the email address you used for the PayPal payment by the day prior to the ritual. Please have both your video and audio enabled; the confirm email will have more Zoom etiquette information. 

In-Person Times/Schedule:

All of our in-person rituals are on Saturdays. For rituals at Babler State Park's indoor Henry Babler cabin shelter, arrival is at 11:15 a.m. Here is the full schedule:

(setup prior to attendee arrival)
11:15 a.m. – Attendee Arrival
11:30 a.m. – Salon Discussion (promptly at 11:30 a.m.!)
12:15-12:35 p.m. – Break (you may bring a protein bar or a snack)
12:35 p.m. – Ritual begins (no late arrivals after Ritual start)
2-2:15 p.m. – Post-Ritual Discussion Starts
2:45-3 p.m. – Event Ends/Pack up/Clean up/Reset the room - as a group, we will move any tables/chairs back to their original position as/when required by the Park

Note: We may adjust these times for Midsummer, Mabon and Samhain - TBD.

In-Person Ritual Venue & Entrance:

Our in-person rituals are still at Babler State Park. but are now in the fabulous and witchy indoor Henry Babler cabin shelter! This cabin / shelter is replete with HVAC; with a fireplace where we can have a fire and burn petitions; doors that open to an outdoor patio and we can go outside during ritual; nestled at the back of the park 1.5 miles from the visitor’s center on Guy Park drive; located where several trails meet; ample parking; food is permitted in this location, so you may bring your breaktime snack inside; we can be in the space later so can take our time; AND can drum and chant to our hearts’ content!!  

The website for the park is HERE, which you can use to help plan your visit in the park before and after the Ritual & Salon. The park also has camping available!

Here is our awesome ritual space!! :) 

Check out a video of our awesome new cabin location at Babler State Park HERE!!

In-Person Rituals Food Situation & Pre/Post Ritual Activities in the Park:

Please be sure to eat prior to coming to Ritual, as we will not be eating in the meeting room. We encourage you to come early and/or stay late on your own to enjoy the park. You may wish to enjoy a picnic breakfast in the park prior to the ritual, or a late / mid-afternoon picnic lunch after the event concludes. Definitely please enjoy the park and make a day of it! If you need to, you may wish to bring a quick snack to eat outside for during our 20-minute break between the Salon discussion and the Ritual. You are welcome to bring a non-alcoholic drink to have at your seat during the Salon and Ritual. 

In addition to picnicking as an option before/after the event, you may also wish on your own to walk, hike or meditate in the gorgeous park before or after ritual. It is exciting to be able to offer this great amenity to all those attending our public rituals!!

In-Person COVID Protocols:

We will follow any covid requirements in place at the time of the event:

  1. social distancing (optional)
  2. masks are optional
  3. using hand sanitizer (we will have some and also encourage you to bring your own little bottles).
  4. If you're ill at all, please stay home as folks with illness will be turned away at the door (please let us know in advance if you're sick and we can apply your registration to the next in person ritual.
  5. If there are any additional government requirements and/or CDC guidelines, we will follow those
  6. Attendance is at your own risk as any covid protocols are not a guarantee.


Attire & Ritual Etiquette: 
Black/dark colors are always great, or seasonal colors; capes and robes welcome; no alcohol or under the influence. You also may dress casually if that's more comfortable for you. We do have some ladies that wear skirts because they like to. We also have some ladies who wear shorts or jeans. Some folks wear robes or capes and some don’t. Some people like to dress up and dress a little witchier - like the time to sport your black and fun witchy ensembles or jewelry. But some like to come understated. And some just come as they are. Really, we want folks to be dressed how they like and how they're most comfortable.

For our
online rituals, we will email etiquette for our virtual experience / Zoom video experience in your confirmation email as mentioned (to the email address you used for your PayPal payment, after your payment is received. Please have both your video and audio enabled and plan to be in the same spot for the Salon & Ritual. We will treat this just like we are doing it as an in-person circle, so thinking about it in that way will be helpful.

In our
online and in-person rituals, we have found that we raise a *ton* of energy through through both formats! That is great for the Work and the experience, and we have also found that the temperature can increase in our online rituals, just like it can in the in-person ritual circle. You may wish to dress in layers. For when we have guided meditations/ journeys, you may want to bring a cushion or yoga mat to sit on or a blanket to sit/lay on or otherwise cover up with and maybe even something to cover your eyes if that’s helpful. We’ll announce on the event page if the ritual working will include a guided meditation.

​Rattles/Drums…Some rituals we build power with rattling or drumming. For our online rituals, please have your own rattle or drum.  For in-person rituals, we are not using drums due to noise restrictions at our new venue, but we will rattle softly, so if you'd like, please bring a rattle. (We have some rattles available for you to use.) We usually mention it on the event page.

Standing or Sitting?... You always have the choice whether to sit or stand. Sometimes physically we may have something going on (i.e. surgery, injury, etc.), and sometimes there's a reason why it's not easy for us to stand, a host of reasons. There are many of our members who find it difficult to stand. Our rituals are *totally* a judgement free zone!! On this and any other topic! That means our members and the Gods/Goddesses/spirits understand that we're humans in human bodies. You'll still be just as much a part of the ritual and the Circle if you're seated as if you're standing for certain parts of the rituals. We all come to the ritual with different things. The important thing is to be there. To be a part of community. To share in all the good energy. And to bring that back to your daily life.

For other ritual etiquette information and questions, please email or post your question on one of our event pages.

What to "Bring":

  • A non-alcoholic drink to have at your chair.
  • Dress in layers (even for online rituals!) as the rituals raise a lot of energy, and of course for in-person rituals, the venue temperatures also can vary. 
  • For online rituals, if you can, please have a candle and a rattle or drum, and watch the email the day prior to the ritual for more information.
  • For in-person rituals, please bring a rattle (no drums due to venue noise restrictions) and watch the event pages for any other items to bring.
  • If we announce a meditation on the event pages, please bring what you need to be comfortable during a meditation (i.e. blanket, cushon / yoga mat, eye cover, etc.).

In-Person Transportation Tips:

Please be sure to arrange your own transportation both to and from the ritual *prior* to arriving at the ritual. Please check the bus schedules, which may not be running when our ritual is over. We are not able to provide transportation to/from the bus/metrolink routes, nor to/from the ritual, nor arrange transportation for you. You may wish to call Uber or Lyft if you do not have a car or a ride. You'll need to have your own cell phone to install the app to arrange the Uber or Lyft. We believe you can pre-order the pickup time/place with Uber/Lyft, so you can have it all pre-arranged before you come to the ritual. As for timing of dropoff/pickup for Uber/Lyft. Prior to the ritual, you may arrange to ride share with a member by posting it on our event page and then private messaging with anyone who says they are interested in ride sharing with you to/from the ritual. It is not guaranteed that there will be a member that can ride share.

After Ritual Follow-Up:
Be sure to ground and be gentle with yourself after the energy from a ritual and drink plenty of water. If we have a guided meditation, we might offer it online for sale (for audio access) to benefit our Temple.

All are welcome!:
We welcome any honest spiritual seekers to join us in circle and celebration. It’s going to be an amazing working and we look forward to celebrating with you!  😊🕯 💜 
If you have any questions or concerns, send them to us via Blessed be!

Love, Light & Blessings!
Kassia, Founder, HPS, Minister

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