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Future offerings will include brief instructional vignettes on the Craft, shamanism and magick! 

We use this channel for private monthly video lessons for the Spirit's Edge Mystery School Online Apprenticeship Program. For details on the apprenticeships, click HERE. ... Below are videos on Shea Morgan's experience of transformation beyond fear on the don Miguel Ruiz family's Dawn of a New Dream retreat to Teotihuacan, Mexico, and also lovely video of Great Horned Owl, dining at Shea Morgan's family's Century Farm...

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Regarding Shea's blog post, Empaths, Emotions and Unconditional Love… Shea, I am in love with someone I can't have. We were in a relationship a couple years ago that ended so ugly, so much hatred on both our parts. Some how we have re-united but as friends and even though I still have feelings of "wanting" a relationship I cant have has been teaching me to either love her and keep her in my life or move on. Your article literally brought tears to my eyes because I am starting to remove the expectations, anger and hatred for her not feeling the same in return. When I can mentally remove those the feeling of unconditionally loving her is undescribable! I'm still learning but the feeling is great and trying this with everyone in my life! Thank you! C. – Spring 2016

​​​​"The best part though is the teachings of Shea Morgan herself. She writes and videotapes the assignments giving helping hints and encouragement along the way. I am so looking forward to the next level. Thanks Shea for all that you 

do and all that you are." 

~Kim Shrum, (Kim and her Mom Miriam also participate in our auctions each fall and Spirit's Edge booth at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic each June!) Feb. 2015

What’s the buzz?

Here are a few things that Spirit's Edge Mystery School Students and our members at Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon and the Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple have shared about our work together…

[The Yule Ritual] It was so joyful and beautiful last night! I'm so happy to be a part if such a wonderful group! Merry Yule to all! ~C.C.S., Dec. 20, 2015

"I cannot begin to describe how this [Yule] ritual was for me. Only my second one and I call one of the 4 corners, and not just a corner it called the Horse, one of my forms (as was North with the stag)... for me that's a big deal. Everything about the deities we called hit me. And now that I think on it, I'm pretty sure they have been throwing hints at me throughout my life. Rhiannon, inspiration, the horse, goddess of Fay. Cernunnos I've loved since I discovered him, the hunt, the wild, the stag. Its always been there. I cannot stop shaking with what happened. Thank you from my heart Shea Morgan, Lindsey Piech...for helping me realize the deities I should be talking to. And for my wonderful trinkets." 
~K.K., a member of our in person and online community, attends our field trips and in person sabbat rituals, Dec. 20, 2015

"I am a new member to the Spirit's Edge group and already I feel blessed to have found this group of people. After many years of searching for others that share a common ground in
spirituality, I never thought I would. But then I came across Spirit's Edge, and it has already brought so much to me, even as a new member. The change to share a common bond in spirituality with others, to celebrate my love of nature with others and forming new friendships with such wonderful and kind-hearted individuals. I could not be happier that I have found this group and I look forward to all that it has to bring!" 
~A.B., a member of our Online Community/
Facebook group Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon, Dec. 21, 2015

"I took the WSM I online class last year and all I can  say is – WOW, what an eye opener. I enjoyed every second of it, every lesson, every exercise, and yes even the homework." 
~Kim Shrum, a Graduate/First Degree Initiate about her experience in the WSM I One Year Online Apprenticeship, Feb. 2015


"[It was] great you brought me back into the dream. I felt safe to keep going, [you were] very encouraging along the way, and it felt good and soothing. It unfolded this whole incredible story… very helpful for me in learning, understanding and growing. And the insights you had from your [intuitive] background adding some more to it helped me." ~JR, a client/a fellow coach shared after a life coaching session working with Shea Morgan on dream analysis, Jan. 2015

                                                                     "This has been more helpful than [the other things

                                                                       I am doing]. You are so sweet and loving.

                                                                      As I read the Mastery of Love [by don Miguel

                                                                      Ruiz], I see it in you. You project love, you really

                                                                       do, and you’re able to laugh at a lot more things

                                                                      than I am. You see the love in life. Thank you for

                                                                      being a good role model for me."

                                                                       ~T, one of Shea's life coaching clients, after her 6th  

                                                                          coaching session (and then renewed for another six

                                                                            sessions!), Jan. 2015

"I am so blessed to have found the SESS page on Facebook. I’ve never been a part of something so special – so spiritual. Help is always available when you need it or need to give it. The people are just awesome.Thank you to all vested in this amazing site. My life has certainly changed since I’ve met you."

~K.S., Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon online community/Facebook group member, Feb. 2015

"If you have never been to an in person ritual, just let me say that Spirits Edge Seekers Salon is the perfect one to be your first. The SE group of people are the most accepting, most generous, most understanding group of folks I have ever had the pleasure to meet. The rituals are astonishing and I guarantee that you will never leave uninspired. The incredible amount of love and energy just leaves me in awe every single time. I have never in my entire life came into contact with a better bunch of people."

~Kim S., on our in person rituals to celebrate the eight sabbats, turning the Wheel of the Year, Feb. 2015

"I just wanted to say a special thank you for Saturday’s Samhain ritual. It was an honor to meet you all, and I look forward to being able to spend more time with you all in the future. You were very welcoming, and I felt so at peace. Even though it was my first time being there with you all it felt like coming home. Thank you so much!"

~Elsha, a new attendee messaged us after attending her first public sabbat ritual with Spirit's Edge for Samhain on Nov. 1, 2014...since then, Elsha has attended our public sabbat rituals, field trips and online rituals and enrolled as a student in our WSM I Year Long Online Apprenticeship!, Nov. 2014


                                                                              “Thank you so much Shea- what an amazing

                                                                               experience! Definitely feel lighter and such a

                                                                               sense of peace…”

                                                                             ~S, one of Shea's shamanic healing clients the

                                                                                  morning after their session, Jan. 2015

"The online rituals that Shea Morgan writes and provides are amazing. The rituals are set up to do as a group but from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you may be at the time). They are written in a format where it is just as easy for the beginner to do as it is for the well experienced. Even if you cannot participate at the exact time, its okay, because when constructing them, Shea, allows for life and knows that sometimes things come up. So she just reminds us what it’s all about and as long as the intent is set, the window on time can be bent a little. So there is never any pressure. I have always felt invigorated and accomplished after an online ritual. It’s such a joy when someone else writes an awesome ritual and includes the community."

~Kim Shrum, on our Free Online Rituals (announced through the year via Facebook and our website; we now have one for each sabbat ritual too), Feb. 2015

“Thank you all for such a wonderful and blessed

evening. Tonight was very special to me and each

one of you were a blessing. I left the Imbolc ritual

feeling empowered. … As soon as I walked through

the doors tonight I felt welcomed and engulfed

with love. Everyone has such a wonderful energy,

and I felt like I truly belonged. I listened to a little bit

about each person’s background, and it seems as if

we are all searching for a place to be ourselves

and to gather knowledge, we are all different

but have that part of a kindred spirit.

The ritual was *magnificent*! The content and the vibrations…I don’t have words. There were moments throughout that I could feel the tears roll down my face, because it was so powerful. Facing my own illusions and admitting to myself that they are just that…. Illusions. Thank you, Shea, for writing such a beautiful and powerful ritual that spoke so deeply to me. … The fellowship after made everything fit together for me. I feel like I have found a place to call home. You all have made today one of the most special days of my life. I wish I could hug each and every one of you and tell you what a precious gift you blessed me with. You all are amazing and I look forward to seeing you again!”

~C, another new attendee messaged us after attending their first public sabbat ritual for Imbolc on Jan. 31, 2015, Feb. 2015

"YAY! Thanks so very much! I am so excited. I just loved the Mabon class. Reading it, you could almost smell the cider and crisp autumn air. It definitely helped me to connect to that sabbat more than I ever have in the past with deeper meaning.  I am so happily busy with my Samhain crafts and decorating. YAY! I can’t wait to see what your class has in store." ~ M, what one of Shea's students shared about Shea's Online Sabbat & Energies of the Quarters/Series, "Adopt the Pace of Nature, Embracing Seasons of the Year,"{and now a WSM I student Spring 2016!), Oct. 2014


                                                                  "You’ve [Shea] had some good training and I won’t

                                                                   hesitate to pass your name on to folks who call.

                                                                   You’re doing great work helping and healing.

                                                                   You are a blessing to the world. May the stars

                                                                   watch over you."

                                                                              ~P, a shamanic elder in the St. Louis region/

                                                                                community, Jan. 2015

"I really love the online free rituals that Shea Morgan holds for the group. The rituals not being held in person might seem like a put-off to some people, but its a very interesting experience and powerful all the same. Shea is able to create and hold a beautiful space, and the energy is always present."

~R on our Free Online Spirit's Edge Rituals, Feb. 2015

                                                                          "This class is for anyone from any walk of life

                                                                            who is interested in crystal healing. Being a

                                                                            newbie, I was glad that this class covered the

                                                                            basics in ways that made sense to me. Shea’s

                                                                            guided meditations added another level of

                                                                            experience to the material. As an added

                                                                            bonus, each person took home a nice

                                                                            sampling of crystals by the end of the series."

                                                                            ~Laurie E., commenting on Shea's class "Enhance

                                                                              Your Life - Working with Crystals, Gemstones & The

                                                                              Chakras Series, 2013, at the Center for Mind, Body &

                                                                              Spirit, Feb. 2015

"Wow, this was the first public ritual I have attended, and I can see how much work went into the preparation, performance, and clean up! Thanks to Shea and all of her helpers for providing this great experience. I’m looking forward to attending another one soon." 

~ Laurie E., commenting on our Lammas / Lughnasadh / First Harvest Ritual & Salon on Aug. 2, 2014, Feb. 201

                                                                           "When I heard that Shea would be sharing a

                                                                             Mystery Play with The Faces of the

                                                                             Morrighan, I knew this would be a powerful

                                                                             ritual. Shea is such an amazing teacher, and I

                                                                             feel so fortunate to be able to participate with

                                                                             such a welcoming community."

                                                                          ~ Laurie E., commenting on our Samhain / All

                                                                             Hallows Eve Ritual& Salon, Nov. 1, 2014, Feb. 2015

"The Spirit’s Edge Seeker Salon Rituals are amazing! I was nervous my first time attending, but everyone there was very friendly and welcoming. There is a discussion before the ritual where everyone makes introductions and discusses their ideas about that particular sabbat. There are some basic instruction given before staring the ritual so you know exactly what to expect! Afterwards there is feasting and fellowship !  I always leave feeling amazing and connected to great people with like minds!"

~Erthy Waters, commenting on our Spirit's Edge in person sabbat rituals, then a student in the WSM II apprenticeship (and now a graduate and entering WSM III in Spring 2016!), Feb. 2015

                                                                        "My first SESS [Spirit’s Edge: A Seeker’s Salon]

                                                                         field trip was to downtown Old St. Charles.

                                                                         There were only 9 or 10 people who attended,

                                                                         but we had a fantastic time. I was a little

                                                                         apprehensive at first but once everyone started

                                                                         showing up, my nerves settled down and I just

                                                                         got an overwhelming sense of calm. Once

                                                                         everyone got there, we chatted and shopped

                                                                         and just hung out getting to know one another

                                                                         better. I had such a pleasant time just being

                                                                         able to relax with like-minded people. I am so

                                                                         looking forward to seeing everyone again."

                                                                          ~Kim Shrum, on our Yule Field Trip to Main Street in

                                                                          Dec. 2014, Feb. 2015