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Have questions about our Temple, our public sabbat rituals (in person and online), online classes, and the Mystery School, Witchcraft online apprenticeships?  Looking to meet others on a non-traditional or pagan path, walking the path of the Earth, the footsteps of the Shaman, Witch and Mage - in person or online? Interested in the path of the Witch, meeting other Witches, Mages, Shamans and Pagans, and discovering Witchcraft", Shamanism and Magick for yourself? Curious to learn more? New to this path? Experienced practitioner looking for fellowship? Looking to refresh your long-time practice? You've come to the right place! 

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Thank you and many blessings on your journey! Come to the Edge, where Spirit dwells. Blessed be.

Spirit's Edge:

St. Louis, Missouri, USA