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Future offerings will include brief instructional vignettes on the Craft, shamanism and magick! 

We use this channel for private monthly video lessons for the Spirit's Edge Mystery School Online Apprenticeship Program. For details on the apprenticeships, click HERE. ... Below are videos on Shea Morgan's experience of transformation beyond fear on the don Miguel Ruiz family's Dawn of a New Dream retreat to Teotihuacan, Mexico, and also lovely video of Great Horned Owl, dining at Shea Morgan's family's Century Farm...

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Spirit's Edge Mystery School - Five Year Temple Mystery School

Year Long Online Apprenticeships in Witchcraft Shamanism & Magick (WSM) with High Priestess Shea Morgan.

The inaugural WSM V is in-person and online with VIDEO. Plus a few "live" in-person/online gatherings each year ... 

Inaugural Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick V - Seminary in Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick Living in Service & Community

One Year, Online Apprenticeship – Starts 2018! Application period will open in 2018 TBA. Application deadline TBA. 

This is our 1st Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick V apprenticeship! Graduation of WSM IV is required. Upon graduation from WSM IV, you may apply for this apprenticeship. Approval is solely pending discretion of the instructor related to the Great Work of the Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple. This is a one year+ apprenticeship, and classes cannot be individually taken. 

Join us for Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick V, a one year seminary in Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick and the path to living a life of service in community.  

More details will be added here; watch for updates.

Homework will be required. There will be an online group component. Class instruction will be provided via online video format, written lessons and photos in directed self-study with mentoring. This is a one year apprenticeship, and classes cannot be individually taken. Class will culminate in a Year & A Day Initiation Ritual to mark your completion of Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick IV, and for online students, it will culminate in your personal Year & A Day Initiation Ritual. Graduates may be considered for ministerial work in the Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple at sole discretion of the instructor. 

Dates: First class is 2018; class dates pending.

Fun news for our Spirit's Edge Mystery School Online Apprenticeships! As part of this apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity for three or four in-person gatherings during the year. These are also offered for our online students as a virtual in-person offering as well. We plan to do these jointly with all WSM apprenticeship classes. These are casual opportunities to hang out with classmates, other Mystery School students and the instructor and/or the teaching assistant to ask questions, discuss homework, your spiritual paths and journeys. 

Cost: Course investment is $300 if paying in advance for the full year of 12 classes. Payment schedules may be arranged on a case by case basis. Certificates of completion will be mailed after final homework and ritual experience is submitted and upon receipt of final payment. Each class builds on the other, so this is a year-long series/class. (cash or check only please; paypal available for a 3% surcharge)

Books for Class: Though many books will be referenced during the class, the required books tentatively include: 

  • The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • The Cauldron of Memory: Retrieving Ancestral Knowledge and Wisdom by Raven Grimassi
  • The Witches’ Craft: The Roots of Witchcraft and Magical Transformation by Raven Grimassi
  • Crafting Wiccan Traditions: Creating a Foundation for your Spiritual Beliefs and Practices by Raven Grimassi
  • A Teaching Handbook for Wiccans & Pagans: Practical Guidance for Sharing Your Path by Thea Sabin
  • Spellworking for Covens: Magick for Two or More by Edain McCoy
  • Coven Craft: Witchcraft for Three or More by Amber K.
  • Spiritual Mentoring: A Pagan Guide by Judy Harrow
  • The Living Temple of Witchcraft Volume One: The Descent of the Goddess & Volume Two: The Journey of the God by Christopher Penczak​
  • DIY Akashic Wisdom: Access the Library of Your Soul by Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw
  • Theurgy or The Hermetic Practice: A Treatise on Spiritual Alchemy by E. J. Langford Garstin
  • Mastering Witchcraft: A Practical Guide for Witches, Warlocks and Covens by Paul Huson
  • Don Juan, Mescalito and Modern Magic: The Mythology of Inner Space by Nevill Drury
  • Leaving the Saints: How I Lost the Mormons and Found my Faith by Martha Beck
  • The Intercession of Spirits: Working with Animals, Angels and Ancestors by Ted Andrews
  • Dion Fortune & The Inner Light by Gareth Knight

This breadth of teachings, both in the writings by Shea and the books for the course will provide a solid foundation and different perspectives on the subject matter. Of course there will be additional resources and teachings referenced during each class. As the Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick I, II, III and IV apprenticeships area prerequisite, all books listed under those apprenticeships are also required for Witchcraft, Shamanism & Magick V.

I look forward to completing our apprenticeship journey together on the path of the Witch, the Shaman and the Mage!

Many blessings,

Other: Please note that this training is not a substitute for medical care - physical, mental and emotional. Students are wholly responsible for their own well-being. This includes maintaining stability throughout the year and having a support system in place prior to beginning the apprenticeship. Please note that this course is an independent course of study and is not associated or affiliated with any other organizations or programs outside of Spirit's Edge.